Charitable Giving

Who We Are

Inspire has been working within the charity world for over 20 years. We are a creative agency that works predominantly within the not-for-profit sector, creating truly memorable events and films and offering a PR and consultancy service.

It is our experience within this sector that has laid the foundations for our charitable giving service. We believe that there is nothing more important than giving charity to those causes that are most important to you. With our knowledge and understanding of charitable giving, we will ensure that this is exactly what happens. With us, your trust is in the right hands.

What We Do

With many charities asking for support every year, it is often a challenge to prioritise your charitable giving. Our no cost charitable giving service will offer you a solution to this.

For over 20 years, Inspire has acted as a conduit between the charitable sector and philanthropists, charitable foundations, trusts and individuals. We represent a wide array of charities which range from the largest organisations in the country to the smallest and least well-known.

Areas of our work include:

  • Education and training
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Physical and mental disabilities
  • Fertility
  • Youth at risk
  • Poverty and welfare

We are sure that you will find causes that are important to you among the areas of our work. However, should you not, we will seek out those that are closest to your heart. After all, we are there for you.

Our Approach

We aim to determine which of these charities and their current projects best match your giving philosophy and charitable criteria.

Once you have selected the projects that interest you most, we will present you with a report detailing the requirements and costs of their implementation.

We will then report to you regularly on the progress of your chosen project’s implementation. Upon the project’s completion, we will report to you with the impact that your donation has made.

The Benefits

Our charitable giving service will save you both time and effort. Our consultants will help to ensure that your charitable donations go to those causes that are most important to you, eliminating the challenge of prioritizing your charitable giving between the many charities that ask for your support every year.

Our consultants will also ensure that your donations are being used in the way that you intended. It is easy for your donations to get lost within the charity system and therefore not have the impact that you initially desired. Our service will monitor your donations and simultaneously maximize their impact.

In addition, we will also organize visits for you and your family to observe the work of the charities that you are considering donating to. We offer a bespoke service that will arrange a unique experience for you on these visits, tailored specifically to your giving philosophy.

For further information, please contact us in the UK at +44 (0)20 8343 4884