When it comes to films, at Inspire we offer the full service including: writing, filming, directing and editing – delivering cutting edge, content rich and uniquely engaging films.

We have unrivaled experience in directing and producing films that make a difference. We immerse ourselves fully in the projects and always feel passionate about delivering the message with heart. At Inspire the message is always remembered long after the film has been seen.


Shuvu Dinner Highlights

Shuvu Dinner Highlights

2 - Messages

3 - Originals

4 - Key People

5 - Wardens

Camp Kef

Ner Dinner 2015 Jerry & Film Sections

Tikva 7th May 2015

Ner Dinner Section 1

Ner Dinner Section 2

Ner Dinner Section 3

Hadassah Hospital Appeal Film

Hadassah Hospital Neonatal Unit

M437 Tikva Odessa March 2012

M505 Tikva Appeal May 2014

Yad Sarah Hannukah

Nicki's Smile FINAL website use

Noa Appeal Film

Tikva Elderly Section

Jason Roberts Foundation - Celebration Dinner

Beit Yedidim